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Linnalapsi: Third Album morphs into new form(s)

Wow, it’s been a while since I stumbled on here! I’ve been super busy with work and lots and lots and lots of projects (seriously, I have like so many). But don’t worry, I have definitely not given up on Linnalapsi. (Like, at all! I love this shit so much).

Anyway, onwards to a sort of big announcement. Over the past year, I’ve been going on about Linnalapsi’s third album, which is almost done being composed and so on and so forth. In one post, I was talking about how some of the songs were darker, more frantic in nature, and some were more Viking-like and epic. I was wondering if I could somehow work this into a concept album, and go from one spectrum of metal (dark, troll-y metal) to the other (my Viking ones). I even had a story about a group of Vikings who get lost in the woods and then eventually find their +ULFBEHR+T-bearing brothers and do Viking stuff. It would work (MAYBE)…but then I noticed that six out of the eight songs were of the dark, troll-y genre. That means only a quarter of the songs would be Viking, which means that would be super dumb. That’s not equal at all. “Oh, here’s six troll-y songs and then two epic ones just tacked on!” Like, what? So…after lots of thinking…

Seriously, LOTS

. . .I eventually reached a decision.

I’ve never really liked EPs, because I thought that those songs were always kind of like “black sheep” songs in the discography. I mean, they’re not on albums, so. . .like, what? Like, what are they? Why not just put them on the album? I’ve always been a fan of albums, and a little meh towards EPs, but after much thinking (as Mr. Cumberbatch has shown above), I’ve decided that instead of a third Linnalapsi album, I’m going to do two EPs: one that’s all dark and trolly, the other that is all Viking.

As much as I wanted to make a third ALBUM, with like 45 minutes of music and like 12 tracks or whatever, I simply could not ignore the two clashing directions of this music project. My second album is, as one reviewer put it, a “mixed bag”. I mean, on the same album, you have a dark, evil song, then a funny song, then an epic one, then a party song, and then like a what was I doing? Sure, my musical influences are from all over, but in terms of packaging things to people, it’s better to make a product consistent with itself. Not that I only see Linnalapsi as a product, HELL NAH, but I mean, it’s a lot easier to lump stuff together more cohesively. Like, here’s a scary picture for a cover with a scary picture of me and it has scary metal songs on it! Here’s a Viking picture with a Viking picture of me and It has Viking metal songs on it! My last album had a forest picture, a bunch of different styles, and no picture of me at all. . .so. . yeah.

The troll-y one will be released sooner, most def, because those songs are all…done, actually. I mean, finished being composed. Whereas the Viking one has a buncha drafts just waiting to be completed!

Don’t worry, Viking songs, I WILL get to you!

I don’t really want to give out release dates (because I’m so busy nowadays, I have no idea when I could even get around to WORKING on them, much less releasing them), but if I had to guess, I’d say late 2014 to early 2015. Stay tuned for some more Linnalapsi goodness (and trust me, it’s GOOD this time! 😀 Seriously!)

-Casey of Linnalapsi


Menneisyyden Laulut: One Year Later and Album III news

Hey there, Linnalapset! Been a while since I have posted on here, but do not worry, Linnalapsi is not forgotten! Quite the contrary, actually, as work on the third album continues slowly as I focus on other projects. But this is no place to talk about those, and let’s not talking about the nine-,eight-,ten- (?)-track Linnalapsi III just album yet. It’s time to take a look back on  “Menneisyyden Laulut” (second Linnalapsi album, to be referenced here as ‘ML’), which I released one year ago today.

It’s weird to think that it has been a year since I released ML, especially since it seem like it took a billion freakin’ years to come out. While the initial splash wasn’t as big as I anticipated (y’know, not getting me the top spot at Wacken and all…), I slowly began to see ML pop on random blogs and metal tracker websites from all over the world. For the first time ever, Linnalapsi was somewhere on the web where I didn’t personally put it, which is pretty damn cool (and nice for a change).

Some statistics. . .

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I am stats freak (just ask my friends about my custom-made Xbox FIFA stats that one summer…). Now and then throughout the last year, I was monitoring Linnalapsi’s “growth” throughout the web. While it didn’t grow into a massive tree or anything, here is what I found:

-In the year after the release of ML, Linnalapsi’s official website received a 280% increase in hits than the previous year, the most of which came from Germany. Besides the USA, Russia, Finland, and UK were the most frequent visitors. That’s pretty cool!

-Linnalapsi and ML have popped up on numerous metal bloggy things and forums from all over the world (even though they all say I’m from Finland, lol). According to my bandcamp site and just one other site that gives downloads numbers, ML has been downloaded 77 times. That averages out to someone downloading the album every five or so days. That’s not too hot, but remember, this is just the data from TWO of the sites. Odin only knows how many more times ML has been downloaded from all those other file-sharing sites!

-On Youtube, the ML videos have amassed a little under 2,000 views. That is nothing compared to other bands’ 9,000 or even big bands’ 40,000 (a month) views, but hey, I’ll take it.

Compared to the first album’s numbers, that is pretty impressive (there were months when this site got zero hits). With numbers like that, we can guess that about 1,000 new people learned about Linnalapsi last year. Hell, even if it’s 500 new people, that’s still 500 new people who didn’t know about you or your music a year ago. And as one of my friends said it, ‘Dude, someone is Estonia could have you on there iPod.” He was right.” SOMEONE IN ESTONIA *COULD* HAVE ME ON THEIR IPOD, and that’s a pretty encouraging thought.

Marching Ahead to Album III

Despite one nice, decent review and a couple other statements of “good work, dude”, ML was not received with much love by, well, anyone. That’s all right, though. I can see ML’s faults now: some of the song structures are repetitive, the drumwork (which I had no clue about) can be a bit boring, the synthy sounds are not desirable, and my growling (and just regular) vocals are no good. I might have known some of this before, but either wasn’t mature enough of a composer, or didn’t take Linnalapsi seriously enough to make it absolutely great. That’s all right, though, ML is the best album I could have made at that time, just as the first album, “Laulu Linnalapsien” was the best I could do at that time.

But now is now, and with each month, or riff, or song, you learn to get better at things. I feel like there is an immense quality gap between the first and second album, and I feel the same will happen again for album III. I always hear composers and musicians saying “our new album is going to be the best we’ve ever done”, and while I’ve never really believed it, I can now understand where it is coming from. Just as I was assuring you my second album would be better than the first, I can guarantee without a doubt in my mind that the upcoming Linnalapsi album will be the best one so far! Most of the songs’ demo-versions are done (or close to being done), and they’re CATCHY AS HELL. Whether it’s the evil poundings of a piano, the sinister plucking of a banjo, the roar of mischievous horns, an epic call for battle, or that tear-jerkin’ melancholic solo, Linnalapsi III will be sure to get the blood of any folk-metal fan riling. I guess what I am trying to say is that these new songs have gotten MY blood riling, and I’m excited to share them with all of you (y’know, in a billion years when they’re done).

Thanks for listening,

Oh, and if you haven’t downloaded ML yet, you can do so here!

Kippis, Prost, Cheers,

Casey of Linnalapsi

Self-Promotion and Album 3 news

Hello, fellow Linnalapset! Sorry I haven’t updated in a long time, but lots of things have been going over here!

First off, I wanted to address September 12, 2012’s Korpiklaani concert at the Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles. Even though it featured some of my least favorite folk metallers, Korpiklaani played absolutely wonderfully. They were having a good time, we were having a good time. It was really, great fun (even though they didn’t STILL didn’t play “Metsämies”, jerks). After the show I handed out forty-two CDs of Linnalapsi for free to anyone I could find. I gave out all of them, and in the month since the concert, virtually no one has visited either this site or the bandcamp site (which were written on the front cover). That’s totally fine. At least it’s OUT THERE, in the hands of my target audience. This foxy girl said that she liked my cover artwork, that it had a “good energy”. That was pretty cool, I guess. In addition to getting kudos on my artwork, I met Melkor Mortis of The Mordor Horde, who website can be found here. Support them and download their demo!

Go forth, my children!

So yes, not many people checking out “Mennesiyyden Laulut” via bandcamp, but that’s alright. I was snooping around the interwebs and found “Menneisyyden Laulut” on some Estonian and Russian sites, and on one site, found that it had at least been downloaded eighteen times. That’s a lot (sorta). So, I guess it’s being downloaded a lot more than I was expecting, which is good. Getting out there slowly…excellent.

While “Menneisyyden Laulut” slowly circulates the most unpopulated corners of the Internet, album 3 is slowly starting to form, and what I mean by that is, I don’t work on it every day, or even every week. Some songs have been done for a year, others are in a creative limbo, and others are just starrting to sprout, which is cool. Just as I promised the second album would be better than the first, this one will be better than the second. Well, I’m not promising ANYTHING, but what I can say is that I dig some of the new songs. One of them, actually, sounds like A REAL SONG, which is pretty gratifying.

One thing I’ve argued with myself about is a musical direction. All bands have one, y’know? Finntroll is the scary, carnival-esque, goofy, jazzy type band. Enisferum is more epic and guitar-lead-and-rythm based. Korpiklaani is total folk, violins and accordions going nuts in every song. Turisas is fit with epic brass, movie-score fanfare. When looking at Linnalapsi 3, I see songs that are scary, troll-y, dreary, and then songs that are epic, and then some that are melancholic and pretty. What the hell?

So an idea has been circulating in my brain that this would be a concept album of sorts. Not so much in the way that it’s all about one thing, but simply that all the dark songs come first and the softer, more epic ones come later. For some reason, I am seeing a dark forest for the first half, and a coastline for the last half. Could a weary group of soldiers get lost in a scary forest, to finally to escape and join their comrades for some battles and melancholic contemplation on the beach? While I don’t like the idea of following a narrative, this would be a good way to separate the conflicting styles. I could, y’know, just do ONE type of folk metal, but whatever. Gordon Ramsay says a good restaurant does one type of food excellently. A shitty restaurant does a whole bunch shittily. Does it apply to folk metal bands and musical directions, too? Oh well, whatever.

Oh yea, and my computer, the one on which the previous two Linnalapsi albums were made, is in a state of, well, not working. I wouldn’t call it dead, per se, just…not really turning on. Which means that the recording of the third LInnalapsi album might have to be on another computer. This isn’t bad, neccesarily, but my old comp had all my recording programs all ready to go. Now I have to mess with all this new shit. Not to mention that the laptop I am currently using has a different sound card than my old one, so all my songs fit with creepy, forboding strings and sythn effects sound, with a new sound card, like the Star Wars Cantina. Might have to do some retooling of instruments, but oh well, whatever!

So yea, that’s what happening over here in terms of Linnalapsi. New songs, all placed randomly on the musical-direction-ph-scale, being prepared for a computer that is (almost) dead. Sounds ideal! Other than that, nothing going on, really. Just enjoy “Menneisyyden Laulut” for a couple more years until Linnalapsi 3 comes out. I’m suspecting it will, like the gap between the first two albums, take two years to come out, which would place it in the Fall of 2014. I’m just guessing, of course, but it’s still fun to make dates and make things like this:

Anyway, that’s all for now. Now I’m going to dance to one of the new, groovy songs. Until next time!


Casey of Linnalapsi

Linnalapsi Uutinen, July 05, 2012

Hello, everyone, and if you’re visiting for the first time, welcome to the official Linnalapsi website. It is here where I shall blog from time to time about all things Linnalapsi and music related, as well as give updates about the third album (I’ll get o that later). I’m off work tomorrow, so in the spirit of the song “I Don’t Work Tomorrow,” I am drinking away. No better time to write and try to convey ideas when tipsy!

~Menneisyyden Laulut release~

So yea, hmm..what’s been going on? Oh yea, the second Linnalapsi album has been released, and while it initially failed to make a splash with friends, I am delighted to see that my bandcamp, and even this blog, is getting some hits. In the last week alone, I have gotten 161 hits, which is more than the past number hits from the last year. Yay! This of course doesn’t neccesarily mean that any of you enjoy the music, but at least there’s some people out there checking it out. If you do like it, pass it around to friends and keep it goin’! That’d be awesome.

~Just in case you also like industrial metal…~

In February, I participated in “February Album Writing Month,” which was pretty awesome (and absolutely draining). For FAWM, I decided to do an industrial metal album, for even though I love EnsiferuM and Finntroll and Turisas, I can’t deny my love for Ramms+ein, Ruoska, and Turion Kätilöt. The band, called “Fadenfreude” not only served as a creative testing ground for my industrial metal endeavors, but also for my new distortion pedal. Some might wonder why the first two Linnalapsi albums are all “midi” and “computerized”…the answer is simply that I didn’t have money to get a distortion pedal. Well, I have one now, and I can confidently say I’m going to use it for Linnalapi’s third album, which leads me to…

~Linnalapsi Album III~

I don’t want to get into talking about this too much, because, hell, I don’t even want to think about it too much, because I just released “Menneisyyden Laulut” and am focusing more on writing novels and screenplays, but don’t worry, Linnalapsi III is on the back-burner, and I already have some ideas for some new songs. Just need to work some of them out a bit more and stuff, but as with all creative things, it will be finished when it will be finishd. No need to rush now. 🙂

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy! Fill your horns and drink up!

~Casey of Linnalapsi

Linnalapsi Uutinen, July 02, 2012

Hello everyone and fellow Linnalapset!

I shouldn’t be writing this (because I have to get ready for work), but seeing as people are actually coming to the site, I should have something up here for them to read. First off, hello! And if you’re here, you’ve either found my music on bandcamp or some other website. I have to say, I’m a bit impressed that the album is in places online where I haven’t put it personally, which is pretty nice.

Talk in the comments below if you enjoyed the music (or didn’t, either or) or want to know some things, or want the release of the first ablum in all it’s midi-val goodness (seriously, all the instruments are midi…). Might have to do some re-designin’ of the website now that people are actually visiting (ha), but for now, thanks for stopping by, fill your horns, and rock on!


Casey of Linnalapsi

Linnalapsi Uutinen, April 20, 2012

*Not proofread because WHATEVER*

Hello Linnalapset! It’s been a while since I have posted, but as normal, I had no hits in the past months, so no one was heartbroken. But what might be breaking hearts (as well as mine a little) is the abscence of Linnalapsi’s second album, “Menneisyyden Laulut”. Like, WHERE IS IT ALREADY?

Well, sorry, but I have been busy. I know that is never a satisfactory excuse, but it is very, very true. Working a job (in which the hours are increasing!) makes it hard for any Viking (or American born a thousand years later) to sit down and focus on an album. Not to mention that I did February Album Writing Month, in which I composed something like twelve metal industrial songs in one month. I am slolwy upoloading the songs to bandcamp…everything moving at a snails pace, it seems. Having to write 14 songs in 28 days can be quite taxing, especially when you want them all to be “METAL HELL YEA RRR!” The end of February saw me not just drained from music, but creatively all together. I could not make any music or even touch the guitar, until yesterday, that is.

But let me go back for a moment…about February Album Writing Month (which I will now call FAWM). It was the first time I used a distortion pedal on, which means that I was able to record REAL GUITAR on the tracks, which means they don’t sound like ABSOLUTE CRAP. (well, at least not like midi guitar). Since they sound SO SUPERIOR to anything on the new Linnalapsi album (seriously), it made me hesitant to release Linnalapsi 2. Then again, was it really worth it to recored all the finished Linnalapsi 2 songs AGAIN with real guitar and improved bass. The side of me that says “you are a musician!” says “yes,” but the part of me that realizes this blog got zero hits in 4 months says “no”.

So, although I want Linnalapsi 2 to sound as good as it can, I can’t sit on the same 13 or whatever songs for the rest of my damn life. There are already songs for Linnalapsi 3 that are wanting to get out. It seems my creative side is much faster than my technical side (maybe I should hire a mixer??? hmmm…yea, with what money?)

I guess all I wanted to say was that Linnalapsi 2 will come out sometime later this year, probably when I least expect it. It’s hard to be excited about a project you’re not behind 100 percent. Not that I don’t love the two Linnalapsi albums I’ve made (for at least being novelty shit), but I just know that now I can do SO MUCH BETTER. Maybe that’ll be something to look forward to for Linnalapsi 3 (whenever the fuck that will be ready to come out), when I play the guitar, like, for real! 🙂

Although Linnalapsi 2 will have no real guitar on it, I will probably do some sort of bonus album later of my favorites from Linnalapsi 1 and 2 done with real guitar and shit. Don’t worry, the other stuff will exist, I’m not gonna be a George Lucas about it. Just want to give those songs the proper treatment they deserve. So yes, no more worrying.

Just like winter, Menneisyyden Laulut is coming.


Casey of Linnalapsi

P.S. Here is my favorite song I made from FAWM, soon to be my new industrial album!

Linnalapsi Uutinen, January 8, 2012

Hello Everyone! Mitä kuuluu?

I was hoping to do a Linnalapsi update for a while, but seeing as I had zero hits over the past months, I didn’t think it was too distressing to that many people, so whatever.

So, what’s been going on in the Linnalapsi universe, in terms of the second album’s production, “Menneisyyden Laulut”? Well, I can tell you now that ten of the fourteen songs are completed (yay!) and that the vocals for two more have been recorded. When those are mixed, there will only be TWO MORE SONGS for which to record vocals. That’s pretty darn close to being done, if you ask me.

Speaking of vocals recording, I’ll tell you a bit about how it is done, or…how I do it.

Since I live in a building with a ton of apartments, I don’t want anyone to hear me growling and stuff in German (or just growling at all). For some of the songs, which didn’t require straight-up yelling, I would simply do them in the living room, where I would do a sort of yelling/being quiet sort of thing. It will probably sound weird in the end, but oh well, album’s gotta come out sometime, right?

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out that I should do my vocals in the shower.


I thought that since the sliding door was, well, a door, it’d buffer the noise a bit. Not to mention that I could close the bathroom door, which would  buffer the sound even more. While this softened the sound a bit, it didn’t COMPLETELY get rid of the noise. So I got all the couch cushions, all the couch pillows, all my blankets, a friend’s sleeping bag they left here like seven months ago, and my egg crate bed thingy and sound proofed the fuck out of the shower.


Don't turn on the water plz

According to my tests, the sound is muffled pretty well, at least from out where other people would be walking (as for the bathroom that is directly on the other side of my wall, I have no idea). With the right to be as loud as I want, the vocals recording can commence. I have to say that it’s not ideal. It’s pretty cramped in the shower with a laptop, an egg crate, two couch pillows, and myself. Not to mention that I have to SIT DOWN and record them (because if I stood, I’d hit the cushions on top). You know how hard it is to sit down and get any force coming out of those lungs? I dunno, maybe it’s not hard for anyone else and I’m just a shitty singer. Whatever.


The same recording studio used by Gloria Gaynor


No flash...

So yea, there’s a little insight into how the vocals are recorded.

Another addition to the Linnalapsi family is a cheap-ass distortion pedal, which may or may not make its way onto the third album. Could Linnalapsi be turning into *GASP* a real band? With real guitar? *GASP* I guess we’ll all have to see what happens next!


I kept telling them "the CHEAP one...no, the CHEAP one, I don't have any fucking money"

Oh, I almost forgot, today is the day that “Battle Chaos” was first uploaded to Youtube, which means that today would Linnalapsi’s birthday, I guess. When I set out to make a Viking-rap spoof, I had no idea it’d turn into my own folk metal project, which, while shitty in it’s infancy (yes, it really was), will hopefully grow to have some fans. We’ll see about that, too, I guess.

Three years of Linnalapsi, and hopefully many, many more!!!